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Electric installations:

  • Electrical installations in low and middle voltage till 15kV
  • Lighting systems
  • Switchboards, control desks and consoles
  • Systems for explosion hazardous areas (Ex)


Teletechnical installations:


Teleinformatics systems:

  • structured cabling
  • copper and fiber-optic installations
  • telecommunications networks
  • wireless communication installations
  • ICT system managment


Safety systems:

  • fire detection and evacuation systems
  • intrusion and burglary detection systems
  • public address systems
  • closed circuit television
  • access control
  • work time registartion
  • internal communication
  • outdoor perimeter security systems
  • smoke ventilation systems
  • nurse and emergency call systems


Parking systems

  • barriers
  • ticket and cash desk systems
  • vehicle counting and guidance systems
  • identification and reading of vehicles registration plates



  • industry automation systems
  • process visualization systems
  • systems for explosion hazardous areas (Ex)
  • intelligent systems for buildings and industrial premises
  • building management systems and integration of security systems and facility infrastructure (HVAC, emergency lighting, lifts, pumps, switchboards etc.)
  • telemetry and data systems


Ventilation and air-conditioning:

  • ventilation and air-condition systems for industry and commercial buildings
  • ventilation and air-condition systems with recuperation for residentials